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The forums are up!

Post by InfinityAlex on Sun Sep 15, 2013 3:43 am

Hello, my name is Alex, though my internet alias is InfinityAlex, and I am pleased to welcome you to the forums! These boards are dedicated to my upcoming fan game, Sonic Infinity.

Sonic Infinity takes place seemingly after Lost World right now. It was originally intended to be a sequel to Sonic Advance 3, so it was initially known as Sonic Advance 4. The game will feature a hand drawn set of sprites for Sonic and a full OST too!

The staff on the site are as follows;

InfinityAlex - Myself. Creator of the game and future comic artist. - Admin
DefaultMine - (Pontential) Musician and Artist. Creator of these boards and an all round top bloke. - Admin
ShineStrong26 - Artist. "fuck" ~ Shinestrong26. Admin
Mr Lange - Beta Tester. Animator of a lot of things, including Death Battle (formerly, pbuh) and musician for Sonic After The Sequel.

CupofJoe - Artist. He's an AstroPiranha, but sometimes he's a CosmicShark! - Moderator

Well, that wraps it up for now, but I'll be adding more staff here as we recieve them, as well as Special Users as I award them with such titles. Don't bitch for this title, though, as I give them out of my own will, and even one ask will get you perma-ban'd, so watch your asses.

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